Archi-Neering-Design/AND Office was co-founded by ZHANG Zhun, GUO Yimin and LIU Yichun in 2016 in Shanghai, China, who joined the juxtaposition of structure and architecture as a structural engineer, an architectural professor, and an architect. Our practice is committed to structural design, research and teaching from the perspective of architecture. We closely integrate with contemporary practices, providing high-quality structural consulting services that’s built upon architectural prospects; we also synchronize with current architecture education, offering everyone structural design knowledge and analysis of the interaction between structure and architecture. In our projects, structural technologies and aesthetics are organically combined, creating a safe, elegant and efficient structural system to inspire and support architectural design.

Responding to the status quo of compartmentalized collaboration between architects and structural engineers in both architectural practice and pedagogy in contemporary China, through the efforts of individuals and groups, Archi-Neering-Design/AND Office hopes to gradually transform the insufficient, inconsistent, and unsatisfactory aspects, aiming for designing and constructing high-quality structures and architecture works within the context of the two.

On the basis of security and economy, we mutually balance cultural, spatial and construction elements as clues of structural design, integrating structures into architecture with layers of considerations rather than pure instrumental reasons in order to achieve better quality of works. The projects we undertake cross architecture, bridges, installation, land-art, etc. Our partners are mainly local pioneering architectural design firms and quality-oriented real estate groups. Beyond here, we gradually develop global connections.


What kind of relationship lies in between architects and and structural engineers?Some say they are comrades, some say they are couples, and some say they are hikers and guides...

GUO Yimin

To ask "what is structure", we must first ask "what is architecture", since the structure we talk about is first of all”the structure as architecture”...

LIU Yichun

We still believe the rhetoric of structure is the essential part that communicates the interior and exterior of architecture, and eventually documented as the culture of architecture.

ZHANG Chongchong
Master of Structural Engineering, Tongji University
CHEN Xuejian
Master of Structural Engineering, Tongji University
CAI Yanming
Master of Structural Engineering, Tongji University
Master of Structural Engineering, Northwestern University
HU Xiaojie
Master of Structural Engineering, Purdue University
XU Yue
Master of Structural Engineering, University of Kansas